Happify Health Weaves a New Path as Twill, the Intelligent Healing Company™

  • This change reflects the company’s transition from wellness app to clinical-grade solution that weaves together a more precise, personalized, and connected care experience
  • Twill offers ​​Sequences™, which are configurations of evidence-based digital therapeutics and well-being products, care communities, virtual coaching, and third-party services
  • Sequences are open by design to seamlessly integrate with existing care ecosystems of pharmaceutical, health plan, and employer customers
  • Twill has already signed contracts for Sequences with Almirall, Biogen, Elevance Health (formerly Anthem Inc.), and others

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Happify Health has announced its transformation to become Twill. This change represents the culmination of a five-year journey to build in-house capabilities, which have enabled the company to transition from wellness apps to a clinical-grade platform that weaves together disparate strands of care to deliver a more connected care experience. As Twill, the company will shorten the distance between need and care to enable delivery of better care at a lower cost for the many, not the few.

Twill offers Sequences™, which are configurable care experiences tailored to meet the needs of customers, specific medical conditions they cover, and the populations they serve. Sequences combine evidence-based digital therapeutics and well-being products, care communities, coaching, and third-party services on a clinical-grade platform designed to work seamlessly with the customer’s existing digital solutions and resources. This enables a more precise, personalized and seamless care experience, at scale.

“As we’ve grown to deliver care to more communities, the disconnectedness of our industry in addressing mental health along with physical health challenges has become abundantly clear,” said Tomer Ben-Kiki, Chief Executive Officer at Twill. “Instead of contributing to this problem, we saw an opportunity to take a different approach, one where we could make the meaningful connections between technology and humanity, body and mind, and need and care. As we’ve shifted our focus toward weaving together solutions that better support the whole person in the care journey, we wanted a name that better matched our mission: to make healing more intelligent.”

Untangling the complexity of a fragmented healthcare system

Today, there are over 350,000 consumer digital health apps, yet according to McKinsey, 90% of patients are looking for integrated healthcare journeys rather than single-point solutions. At the end of 2021, Twill conducted its own survey of large employers and health plans, to identify the largest barrier to executing a successful digital health strategy. Nearly half of all insurers and over a quarter of employers said that the biggest problem they faced was too many standalone point solutions.

As Twill, the company is untangling the complexity of the healthcare system to deliver care that is more personal and connected. Twill’s Intelligent Healing Platform™ integrates with, and augments, the customer’s existing offerings to give more people more choice in their care journey. This open-by-design architecture allows seamless integration with existing digital solutions, enhancing overall personalization and engagement to create a more personal, precise and connected experience. In doing so, Twill aims to usher in a new era of care built on a more human-centered, digital-first approach to guide each person to the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want.

Weaving together a more connected approach to care through Sequences

Sequences™ are the proprietary, configurable solution that enable Twill to provide simpler, more connected support for the care journey of a specific medical condition. Each Sequence is a bespoke configuration of evidence-based digital therapeutics and well-being products, care communities, coaching, third party services, and a customer’s own existing resources. They are open by design, in order to work seamlessly with a customer’s existing digital solutions, enhancing personalization and engagement to create a more personal, precise and connected journey.

By the end of 2022, Twill will offer Sequences for four medical conditions: mental health, MS, pregnancy, and psoriasis. These have been developed with premier partners including Elevance Health (formerly Anthem Inc.), Biogen, and Almirall, among others. Twill’s technology and science is designed to be scalable to a broad range of medical conditions.

Intelligently guiding people through a more personalized and precise care journey

Sequences are built on Twill’s Intelligent Healing Platform, which leverages deep understanding of each person’s unique clinical needs and personal preferences to guide people through a hyper-personalized and seamless care experience.

  • Therapeutic Intelligence™ is Twill’s unique approach to AI, focused on delivering ethical responsibility, and a sense of therapeutic alliance with users. It intelligently guides each person to the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want. The Therapeutic Intelligence team, composed of clinicians, psychologists, engineers and technologists, coined this term to better describe the work they’ve done and acknowledge that there’s a lot more humanity than artificiality in our intelligence.
  • Therapeutic Media™ is Twill’s unique method of delivery. A proprietary content library which transforms thousands of evidence-based interventions into care people want to spend time with. Twill’s commitment to developing Therapeutic Media has already resulted in best-in-class engagement and retention, with significant behavioral and clinical outcomes.
  • The Intelligent Healing Platform delivers intelligent journey management and care. Its scalable, configurable, and open architecture allows for seamless integration with third party services and a customer’s existing digital solutions. The platform is purpose built to expand to a wide variety of medical conditions.

Sequences are gaining significant market traction across customer segments

Twill is currently collaborating with top companies across its core customer segments: payer, pharma and employer. Most recently, Twill has announced Sequences with the following:

  • Elevance Health (formally Anthem Inc.) – Sequence provides early and consistent support for women throughout their entire pregnancy journey with solutions such as ongoing education, peer-to-peer support, care coordination, and tools. This partnership will bring innovative digital health services to areas of women’s health including pregnancy, post-partem needs, menopause, and more.
  • Biogen – Sequence supports people living with multiple sclerosis, helping them manage their care journey, improve their well-being, learn about treatment options, consult with experts and connect with other people in the MS community for support.
  • Almirall S.A. – To help people with psoriasis improve their well-being available in Spain, the U.K. and Italy.

For more information about Twill, visit our new website at Twill.Health

About Twill

Twill (formerly Happify Health) is The Intelligent Healing Company™, shortening the distance between need and care by intelligently guiding each person to the care they need, when they need it, in the way they want. The company delivers Sequences™, fully configurable, scientifically designed, digital-first solutions that support the care journey for specific medical conditions. Twill does this for pharmaceutical companies, health plans, jumbo employers, and those they serve. Available across 10 languages and covering more than 18 million lives, Twill creates a more precise, personal, engaging, and effective experience at scale for the many, not the few. For more information, visit twill.health


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