Falkonry Unveils GPU-Based, High-Speed Time Series Anomaly Detection Application

New application called Insight provides automated anomaly detection from sensor and automation data at plant scale to increase reliability and yield

CUPERTINO, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AnomalyDetectionFalkonry today announced an automated anomaly detection application called Falkonry Insight which operates on high-speed sensor time series data. Insight is the newest addition to Falkonry’s Time Series AI Suite to drive higher operational reliability and yield, enabling operations and maintenance teams to make smarter decisions using existing data from machines and processes.

All enterprises, large and small, automate their core processes and operations through a complex orchestration of hundreds to thousands of individual machines and systems. These systems generate massive amounts of time series data containing signs of deteriorating machine health and product quality. Until now, extracting value from this data has been too expensive and slow for most, causing many digital transformation programs to stall at the starting line.

Falkonry Insight allows operations teams to virtually inspect every electrical and mechanical data point to automatically detect new and emerging hotspots. It leverages NVIDIA GPU-powered accelerated computing and the NVIDIA AI platform to process terabytes of data at plant scale to surface machine and process anomalies without the need for any manual intervention.

Falkonry Insight organizes detected anomalies by the affected components of the plant, the severity of the anomaly, and the main contributing factors. It also provides a collaborative reporting environment where behaviors can be confirmed and cataloged by operations and maintenance teams using rich time series visualization capabilities.

In order to operate Falkonry Insight in real time at massive scale, Falkonry has developed a unique deep learning architecture suitable for sensor data and collaborated with NVIDIA to engineer an optimized TensorRT-based inference runtime capable of exploiting the full capacity of NVIDIA GPU products. The efficiency of this solution, in combination with Falkonry’s advanced data streaming infrastructure, allows for extremely cost-effective installations. A factory-scale edge-based system which might have required dozens of dual-socket servers to support a CPU-based inference pipeline can now be provisioned with a modest three-node cluster incorporating a single NVIDIA A10 Tensor Core GPU.

“Autonomous industrial AI systems that can be directly used and managed by operations and maintenance teams are essential for realizing the benefits of smart manufacturing. From years of experience working with smart factories, Falkonry has been able to design such a system to dramatically change the rate of adoption across a spectrum of industries,” said Dr. Nikunj Mehta, Founder and CEO, Falkonry. “We could not have achieved this level of scale and manageability of time series AI without our collaboration with NVIDIA and are excited to continue working closely with the company.”

“Real-time AI is a critical element of the industrial metaverse, and accelerated computing is essential to surfacing the live state of physical systems from massively underutilized quantities of time series data on the shop floor,” said Piyush Modi, Industrial Business Development Lead at NVIDIA. “Falkonry’s time series AI is well positioned to benefit from NVIDIA’s investment in deep learning at the scale of entire plants and enabling highly interactive, live digital twins in NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise for managing complex industrial operations.”

Falkonry was founded in 2012 and has served dozens of customers across manufacturing, defense and intelligence sectors. Falkonry continues to lead innovation in time series AI, holding 12 patents across the world for its advanced pattern recognition technology and has been recognized in the Forbes AI 50 list, named three times to the JMP Securities’ Efficient 50 list and twice to the CB Insights AI 100 list.

Falkonry Insight is available to our customers in Metals and Defense Operations and is designed for use directly by maintenance and operations teams. Falkonry Insight will be available to customers in Oil & Gas, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, and also high security applications such as in Semiconductor Manufacturing and Power Generation starting November 1st, 2022.

About Falkonry

Falkonry, a data and AI software company produces time series AI applications to improve reliability and performance of complex asset and process operations. Utilizing Falkonry’s AI, core operations teams of manufacturers, defense organizations, and producers are improving operational productivity while also increasing their own productivity. This patented AI continuously analyzes terabytes of time series data from machines and processes to surface developing issues and explain why they happen. For more information, please visit: falkonry.com


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