Notables to Gather in New York City for 5th Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit to Address Pressing Issues Facing Our Planet, People and Global Economies

Signature “Purpose Charter” to be introduced to ultimately outline a shared roadmap for companies to execute to become a purpose-centered organization

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, the 5th Annual Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit commences, with executives, dignitaries and representatives across market sectors and geographies convening to address the pressing issues facing our planet, people and global economies. Hosted in collaboration with leadership from the United Nations, this year’s Summit centers around the theme of “Leading Purpose-Driven Systems Transformation,” built on the understanding that we must address the root, systemic causes of these global challenges.

The Summit is the largest annual event of the private sector focused on purpose-centered business transformation for systems change. It is designed as a global strategy meeting to help drive business commitments, scale efforts, elevate purpose-led transformation, and introduce an ecosystem of productive change. Throughout the event, key recommendations and insights are captured which then inform concrete actions and solutions that can be implemented at the global, regional, and national levels.

To that end, during the Summit, Leaders on Purpose will introduce its Purpose Charter – which will ultimately act as a roadmap with clear, tangible milestones that companies can use to benchmark their journey to becoming truly purpose-centered businesses. With over five years of experience working with the world’s top socially and environmentally conscious CEOs, this 10-point Charter seeks to outline clear criteria for what it means to embed purpose at the core of an organization’s DNA.

“The scale of the problems facing our global communities is immense, and business must be part of the solution. Multinationals touch billions of lives every day with products and services, and we know that inaction is no longer an option, in fact the very existence of our planet and it inhabitants rely on this,” said Christa Gyori, Co-Founder and CEO of Leaders on Purpose. “This Summit is an important platform to bring some of the world’s largest organizations together with the foremost experts, thought-leaders and decision-makers together to map the solutions necessary to solve these complex challenges and create a viable pathway for a thriving future”

The Summit will kick-off featuring an introductory fireside chat to discuss the role of the financial services sector in guiding global investment toward a purpose-drive future, whether through innovation or communities. In many ways, this public and private investment can dramatically strengthen our ability to achieve the 2030 SDGs with the appropriate investment in SDG-related sectors, which currently face a $2.5 trillion funding gap in developing countries. H.M. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, who is attending in her capacity as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA), and Dan Schulman, President and CEO of PayPal, will share their insights on how financial inclusion models can support overall economic growth and the achievement of broader development goals.

The Summit will tackle several critically important and timely issues, including the rising concerns of the impact cities are having on our planet. We’re at an important crossroads with cities globally – they generate more than 80% of the global GDP and house 56% of the world’s population, yet they also drive two thirds of global energy consumption and produce more than 75% of greenhouse gas emissions. How can we address these challenges and purposefully transition them into societally equitable frameworks, powered by ESG-aligned innovations? This panel, titled, “Cities on Purpose,” will address these considerations.

“Climate change and our cities are on a collision course,” said Tony Cho, CEO of Future of Cities. “Creating tangible solutions that transform our urban centers to be more livable, sustainable, and equitable isn’t a luxury, but a necessity. The Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit is the type of ideas exchange that accelerates purpose-driven action, and I am proud of Future of Cities role at this important gathering.”

The Summit’s participants represent the vanguard of the new business logic, leading organizations that don’t treat purpose as an add-on but instead, place it at the very heart of their strategy. Through this Summit, we will offer the insights and demonstrated actions that will ultimately serve as the model for organizations of all types who are aiming to successfully transition to purpose-driven models and navigate a rapidly changing economic ecosystem.

Additional topics being discussed include “Systemic Leadership for the Purpose Economy – Partnership & Trust,” featuring Dr. James Mwangi, CEO, Equity Group Holdings, and “The Purpose Charter & Purpose-Driven Impact,” featuring Hamdi Ulukaya, CEO, Chobani.

Please find the full list of speakers and topics here.

The Leaders on Purpose CEO Summit is enabled by the partners of our event. We are proud to have the support of leading global companies.

About Leaders on Purpose

Leaders on Purpose is a community of purpose-driven corporate leaders promoting an inclusive and sustainable economy that puts purpose at the core and leaves no one behind. What began as a research collaboration between business leaders and experts from Harvard University, Unilever, The World Bank, and The London School of Economics has evolved into a platform that connects the CEO agenda with the global agenda.

Today Leaders on Purpose operates as an independent, for-benefit, organization supporting businesses in the transition from business-as-usual to a purpose-based approach. This involves putting purpose at the core of the business strategy for the benefit of the organization, the employees, the planet and society. Our approach is grounded in rigorous research and years of experience. We do this through corporate strategy, peer learning, advisory on systemic innovations, and advocacy for policies that support purpose and performance.


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