Liquid-Markets Announces a Range of Intel FPGA-based Products for Financial Services and Beyond

ZUG, Switzerland–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Liquid-Markets GmbH (“LMS”) today announced a strategic collaboration with Intel Corporation to propel development of a range of Intel Agilex FPGA-based products to solve challenges faced by industries where data transmission latency and throughput are critical to business success. While Intel and LMS will initially focus on the financial services industry, both companies believe the products, including the initial Collaboration Products ÜberNIC and Naros.TaSR, have application to a wide variety of end-user requirements across multiple industries.

LMS utilizes proven technologies to conceptualize, design & implement patented industry-leading FPGA-based ultra-low-latency and ultra-high-capacity connectivity, market access, risk mitigation, and bespoke solutions for use in financial services and other industries. LMS’ Naros.Systemslogic technology can replace and enhance the entire communications stack, including, for financial services securities trading, order-entry and market-data handling, and other industries where latency and throughput are critical bottlenecks to business success.

LMS is developing the world’s most performant network stack & kernel bypass, delivering full transceiver-to-transceiver I/O latency (via x86-64 user-space) as low as 548 nanoseconds. No commercially available Ethernet adapter/network stack solution provides similar performance at any throughput rate or for any payload size.

Exclusively available utilizing Intel FPGA Technology, the initial Collaboration Products include:


The ÜberNIC family of Intel Agilex FPGA-based ultra-low latency, lossless, general-purpose Ethernet adapters, represents an innovative implementation of a fully hardware-based network stack and patented kernel bypass and PCI Express® (PCIe) transfer mechanism. Deployed exclusively on Intel Agilex FPGA devices, the ÜberNIC family of Ethernet adapters provides new standards in latency, throughput, capacity, and performance consistency.

Products in the ÜberNIC family support configurable on-board memory, substantial port density, and PCIe Gen 3, 4, and 5. In addition, selected products in the ÜberNIC family will support Compute Express Link (CXL). CXL, available in forthcoming 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processor-based servers, underpins ÜberNIC’s ability to deliver previously unattainable performance. As a result, the ÜberNIC family offers a significant cost/capability advantage relative to all other alternative products.


An Intel Agilex FPGA-based deterministic testing and simulation solution, for the profiling of network-attached devices and systems, Naros.TaSR is ideally suited to quantify latency and throughput capabilities of network-attached systems and devices. It is able to transmit UDP or TCP messages of varying size, throughput rate, and volume, and replay PCAP data, among others. Naros.TaSR calculates, within an accuracy of 3.1 nanoseconds, total I/O latency. Naros.TaSR enables independent and accurate measurement of existing capabilities and potential solutions, thereby empowering relevant and accurate analysis. In addition to pure performance testing, Naros.TaSR can function as a key component of an integrated testing system to conduct pre- and post-turnover validation. While other vendors seek to limit distribution of independently obtained performance characteristics of their products, LMS empowers you to test for yourself.

“LMS is excited to work with Intel to advance the utilization of FPGA technology. The combination of the advanced technologies of LMS and Intel, provides significant benefits to end users in the form of vast improvements in latency, throughput, and critically, consistency,” said Seth Friedman, CEO of Liquid-Markets.

Jim Dworkin, Vice President and General Manager of the Cloud & Enterprise Acceleration Division in Intel’s Programmable Solutions Group, said: “Our collaboration with LMS signifies Intel’s deep commitment to expanding its leadership in the financial services industry. Giving financial services firms the ability to precisely test network performance with Naros.TaSR is invaluable – and coupling that with the ÜberNIC reinvigorates latency and throughput-sensitive applications such as securities trading. We are pleased to team up with LMS to promote Intel Agilex FPGAs as a leading-edge product used for yet another data center acceleration application.”

About Liquid-Markets: Liquid-Markets GmbH provides the world’s most performant network-attached-compute (“NAC”) systems. LMS was founded in 2019 and has operations in Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States. LMS was formed by seasoned executives from leading buy-side and sell-side financial services institutions. LMS’s mission is to apply its patented FPGA technology to solve challenges faced by industries where data transmission and reception latency, throughput, and consistency, are critical to business success.

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