Global Venture Partners Announces its New Venture Capital Analytical Platform: Unicorn Way

Prague, Czech Republic–(Newsfile Corp. – December 15, 2022) –  Global Venture Partners s.r.o. has announced the release of its unique Unicorn Way analytical platform, specifically designed for the venture capital market. With the abundance of startups available on the market, the need for a comprehensive and automated analytical tool capable of sifting through potentially profitable options has become essential.

Unicorn Way provides a firsthand, in-depth look at the venture capital market, giving users access to the latest news, dynamics, investment round announcements, company performance, and even a native social network for investors called “Talk” where investors, bloggers and those who are interested in investments can exchange their ideas, analytics and publish information about the venture capital market.

For live news on investment matters, as well as blogger streams, analytics and sharing interesting information about the venture capital market, and with support for 8 languages, the application boasts uniqueness of the data provided via an intuitive interface.

The built-in filters allow users to form their own lists of favorite venture capital assets and set up personalized notifications. Subscribers will also receive up-to-date information and the latest news on venture capital companies, prices for each round of financing, lists of transactions, capitalization tables.

Market Context

Data on startup venture investments throughout 2022 indicates that the industry has entered into cost-saving mode, while investors are retaining funds in expectation of a bull-run. Early-stage startup funding has dropped by 25% quarter-on-quarter, and over 39% year-on-year. At the same time, Series B funding rounds have lost up to 54% over the past year, while seed stages remained level over 2022, rising in the first quarter compared to 2021.

Judging by the dynamics of investment funding in B and C+ series rounds, it is possible to single out a number of dominant trends that will likely trace the industry’s path throughout 2023.

General investor concerns will spill out into more stringent selection of companies for investment and longer due diligence timeframes. A large amount of capital will be accumulated by venture funds in anticipation of either a general startup market bull-run, or the emergence of promising projects capable of growing to ‘unicorn’ levels.

The final likely trend is the focus of venture investors towards seed stages, as startups will be offering better terms at early development and fundraising stages, making them more attractive as portfolio additions.

About: Global Venture Partners

Global Venture Partners s.r.o. made its way from a family office to a global investment company that sees its ultimate goal as making the private capital market more accessible to private and institutional investors.

The development and launch of the Unicorn Way application is a major step in the company’s strive to provide market participants with the latest analytics, market data, and aggregated news to help them build their portfolios and generate passive yields in a transparent and secure environment.

About: Unicorn Way

Unicorn Way is an analytics platform tailored for the venture capitalist market. It allows users to compare and analyze investment opportunities, as well as access up to the moment information from streams and blogs.

The platform also includes Talk, their social media environment for investors to connect and discuss their strategies, analysis, and their approaches to investing straight from the app.

Combined with Unicorn Way providing access to data and analysis from multiple channels, their platform will serve as a tool to allow potential investors to see through market turbulence and give them confidence to make better investment decisions.

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