NUNMN and Nulab Technology LTD. Supplements Opening Their Online Store to the Hong Kong Market

HONG KONG, Dec 7, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – NUNMN, part of Nulab Technology Ltd., is a rapidly-expanding company in Canada that offers 99.5% pure NMN supplements and they are now available in the Hong Kong market. Previously only sold throughout Canada and the US, Nulab Technology LTD has decided to expand its sales and provide NMN supplements to customers in Hong Kong, as an entry point to the Asian market.

During a recent interview, Nulab Technology LTD president Alan M. had this to say: ”Each year, the supplement receives a high volume of new users from all corners of the world. We have had inquiries from Asia, Africa, Europe and South America, Oceania & North America. All our products are authorized by Health Canada as they improve health performance and meet consumer demands. Hong Kong is just part of the second phase of our global expansion plan!”

According to Alan M., NUNMN and Nulab Technology LTD’s recent expansion is only the start. They have already initiated market research to gain a foothold in the European and South American markets as well.

Nulab Technology LTD’s president said that originally starting in Canada as a health supplement supplier, they have now reached customers all over the world with their global network and website.

Now that they have consistent customers in Canada and that the US market is growing, they have brought the business to a point where expanding makes even more sense. After months of research, testing, and preparation, they are officially opening their online store to the Hong Kong market.

About NUNMN & Nulab Technology LTD

NUNMN is a leading beauty and wellness company with offices in Canada, the US, and soon in Hong Kong. They are committed to redefining wellness and chronological age in terms of biological age.

David Sinclair, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School, discovered that NMN (99.5%) can be widely consumed to improve health and metabolism, and brain function as well as cardiovascular improvement.

The nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) molecule is converted into the vital and well-known chemical compound nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). The human body uses NAD+ to fuel a plethora of processes, including DNA damage repair, energy production, and boosting immunity. Therefore, it aids in maintaining high metabolism and keeping overall bodily functions healthy.

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