Predicta’s AI Explores a New Question: Does the Elon Brand Hurt Tesla?

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–It may be the talk of the town, but it’s nothing new. For years, people have wondered about how Elon Musk’s personal brand impacts Tesla. We at Predicta didn’t want our AI engine to feel left out, so we let it ponder the same thing!

Predicta’s AI engine gathered online conversation about Tesla and evaluated sentiments about Elon Musk, as well as other topics related to the Tesla brand. Predicta then measured the amount of positivity and negativity for each topic and joined that with each topic’s frequency. Predicta’s AI could have compared Apples to Elons if it wanted to, but it decided to compare Acceleration to Elon instead.

Here’s what Predicta’s AI told us, based on an in-depth analysis of consumer comments across multiple EV websites and other auto-related sites.

Overall, Tesla drivers are very happy with Elon…

On a scale of -1 to +1, Elon’s average sentiment is +.81. That’s quite a bit higher than Tesla’s overall mark of +.72. And check out where he ranks among some of Tesla’s product attributes! Tesla drivers are as happy with Elon as they are with the Acceleration of their cars!


Average Sentiment









Elon Musk












… but other factors are far more important

When talking about a Tesla vehicle, Predicta’s AI found that people mentioned its Performance a whopping 58% of the time, and its Price 50% of the time. By comparison, only 5% of people brought up Elon.

And so, while this topic is fun to explore, Tesla will ultimately succeed or fail based on the strength of its products – just as it always has. With more viable EV competitors coming to market, the product gap is finally starting to close and switching barriers are becoming lower. This may open the door for smaller factors, such as Elon’s adventures, to nudge purchase behavior.

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