Predicta’s AI Offers Tips for EV Reviewers Based on EV Owner Topic Data

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Predicta ( used AI to evaluate differences in professional EV reviews and the lived EV experience according to owners. Predicta found potential blind spots EV reviewers may have as they strive to connect with their evolving audience.

Predicta’s AI engine analyzed hundreds of professionally published EV reviews from dozens of review sites and compared those to thousands of recent reviews from EV owners. AI determined that there are already large gaps between the two groups which may further widen as the EV market matures and more “early majority” buyers enter the fray.

Things for professional reviewers to keep in mind:

Remember the ‘V’ in ‘EV’: Tesla burst onto the scene not because they made an electric car, but because they made an awesome car that was also electric. Batteries are important and require travel adjustments by owners, but those same owners are 2-3 times more likely than reviewers to talk about traditionally important car topics like Quality.

Safety and Reliability: As EVs go mainstream, they will encounter more buyers who are risk-averse and will depend on them as their primary vehicle. If these buyers perceive a vehicle as unsafe or unreliable, they will buy something else. This is one of the top barriers to widespread EV adoption today, and its importance may be unappreciated by the general media. Reliability was the seventh-most mentioned of our 50 topics among buyers. For writers, it ranked 42nd.

Value: The market is shifting from people buying EVs on principle or from their excess and toward people who are looking for legitimate primary vehicles. Value is quickly becoming more important. This was the sixth-most mentioned topic among buyers, but 31st among writers.

Handling/Performance: People who experience EVs for the first time are often blown away by how they drive. Writers have the opportunity to elevate this in their evaluations.

Predicta automates brand and product market intelligence using deep learning AI techniques. This Predicta-AI analysis was gleaned from thousands of sources. Predicta provides automated in-depth brand and product SWOT analysis – anytime, enabling marketers to gain granular insights about competitors’ products – how customers think, feel and act. For more information email


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