Q-nomy Releases New, Fully Accessible Version of its Customer Journey Management Software

Q-Flow 6.3 Service Pack 2 is the latest edition of Q-nomy’s market-leading solution for customer journey management, appointments scheduling and queue management

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CustomerExperience–Q-nomy Inc., a leading provider of solutions that optimize omnichannel business processes and customer journeys, today announced the release of Q‑Flow 6.3 SP2. The new release places a strong focus on accessibility, making it easier for disabled users, such as customer service representatives and service managers, to use the platform.

In addition to accessibility, Q-nomy has also introduced a new authentication server, which allows for the latest single sign-on standards to be met. This means that users can access Q‑Flow 6.3 SP2 anywhere with a secure, streamlined login process.

“We are thrilled to announce the release of Q-Flow 6.3 SP2, which represents a significant step forward in our mission to deliver accessible, secure, and easy-to-use technology solutions,” said Eran Reuveni, VP Product and Business Strategy at Q-nomy. “Our customers expect the best, and we are confident that Q-Flow 6.3 SP2 will meet and exceed their expectations.”

The release of Q-Flow 6.3 SP2 demonstrates Q-nomy’s ongoing commitment to improving the user experience and providing valuable solutions to its customers. With its focus on accessibility and updated authentication server, Q-Flow 6.3 SP2 is a game-changer for disabled users and organizations looking to streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

Q-Flow 6.3 SP2 is now available to new and existing users of Q-nomy’s Q-Flow omnichannel customer journey management software.

About Q-nomy Inc.

Q-nomy is a leading software vendor providing solutions that optimize true omnichannel digital and physical business processes and customer journeys. Q-nomy helps global businesses and organizations to perform better by streamlining the customer journey in physical and online points of sale, service, and care. Q-nomy has over 1200 installations in five continents in healthcare, government, finance, telco, retail, and education organizations.


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