ConsumerDirect Ignites Financial Innovation with Equity Crowdfunding Launch on StartEngine

The People First Financial Platform is pioneering new avenues for mid-market fundraising

IRVINE, Calif., Dec. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ConsumerDirect®, The People First Financial Platform®, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, where everyday people can invest.

As one of the first mid-market companies to launch a campaign on the platform, ConsumerDirect and StartEngine are breaking the mold of what is possible for mid-market companies to fundraise. Considering ConsumerDirect’s proven profitability, which is evident based on 540% growth over the past five years, 4,000+ active partners1, and five proprietary technology patents, the decision to support this fundraising campaign was undeniable.

This campaign represents a unique opportunity for investors to be part of ConsumerDirect’s mission to help the 92 million Americans with below 700 credit scores2, which is resulting in $130B in mispriced financial products annually3. By joining forces with the community, ConsumerDirect aims to continue capturing more market presence, building new innovative features, expanding its distribution partner enablement to drive profitable growth, and continuing its trajectory as a prominent leader in the financial technology industry.

“Launching our equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine is a pivotal moment for ConsumerDirect. As the People First Financial Platform, owned by employees, we specifically chose equity crowdfunding to keep ConsumerDirect a company for the people,” stated David B. Coulter, CEO of ConsumerDirect. He also stated, “We invite investors to join us in revolutionizing how consumers get a loan and contributing to the success of SmartCredit, Hogo, and other transformative solutions.”

ConsumerDirect welcomes everyone to invest and be a part of the future of finance. To learn more and participate in the fundraising campaign, visit ConsumerDirect’s profile on

About ConsumerDirect:
ConsumerDirect is The People First Financial Platform®. The Company’s mission is to provide people with unique, powerful tools to achieve their full financial potential and revolutionize how they obtain a loan. ConsumerDirect builds interactive and patented technologies that integrate with 4,000+ partners to help consumers control their credit, privacy, and money.

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Nate Ryan

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