Introducing ‘SCORE’ by Neon Money Club: The Dating App for People with Good Credit

Lifestyle Finance Platform, Neon Money Club, Continues to Pioneer Unconventional Paths to Financial Wellness with Intention and Creativity

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Neon Money Club, the innovative lifestyle finance platform, is taking the dating world by storm this Valentine’s Day with the launch of ‘SCORE,’ an app for prospective daters with good to excellent credit scores. ‘SCORE’ is now available for sign-up at

“Financial wellness often takes a backseat. At Neon Money Club, our mission is to inject financial awareness into the fabric of everyday life. To achieve this, we have to take the conversation to places where it isn’t normally discussed. ‘Score’ by Neon Money Club is our first major attempt at doing this,” said CEO Luke Bailey. “’Score’ aims to elevate the discussion around financial health, which has remained stagnant for decades.”

Neon Money Club believes that financial health is an important part of overall wellness. Founded after two decades of experience in the banking industry, CEO Luke Bailey was inspired to change the narrative of financial education by integrating non-traditional components such as companionship into the plan. As the first financial brand to launch a dating app using that approach, Neon Money Club built ‘SCORE’ to go beyond fostering connections solely based on mutual interests, and instead requiring a healthy credit score for sign up. If approved, prospective daters will gain access to a pool of financially like minded individuals. For those still working towards eligibility, Neon Money Club offers valuable resources to guide them on their journey toward a healthy credit score and financial literacy.

“SCORE is just one of the many rollouts we’re doing to bring financial wellness to the table because the table itself is boring and outdated,” said Jackie Liao, CPO Neon Money Club. “We’re beginning with love, and we’re in good company. A recent Federal Reserve study recognized that individuals with high credit scores are more inclined to establish committed relationships.”

With big collaborations already on deck like The Cream Card™️ – a credit card that allows Cardmembers to convert their points to invest in the stock market – Neon Money Club’s mission to make financial wellness top of mind is already on full display. Innovations like ‘Score’ make it clear why creative and diverse voices are needed to usher in the next generation of finance.

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‘SCORE’ by Neon Money Club is an innovative dating app that redefines the matchmaking game by incorporating credit scores as a unique compatibility factor. Unlike traditional dating apps, ‘SCORE’ goes beyond shared interests and prioritizes financial wellness. Prospective daters are required to have a healthy credit score for sign-up, ensuring that users are connected with financially like-minded individuals.


Neon Money Club is a lifestyle financial platform that lives at the intersection of finance and culture. Members get access to invest in the US stock market, hyper-relevant financial content, and exclusive access to the Cream Card™️.


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