AI’s Impact in 2024 – Expert Commentary and Predictions from Satisfi Labs Leadership Team

Randy’s Insights:

Andy Newman, CPO and Co-founder of Satisfi Labs

Firstly, the concept of private Large Language Models (LLMs) is poised to gain significant traction. This trend signifies the emergence of an industry focused on creating bespoke LLMs, tailored to specific sector needs starting with healthcare and banking, where accuracy and data sensitivity are paramount. Tech giants like Microsoft and Google are expected to lead this charge, leveraging their vast computing infrastructures. This development is not just about creating these models but also about the ecosystem that will grow around them – tools and services to facilitate the adoption of private LLMs in various industries so other industries such as retail will eventually be able to build their own LLMs.

Another trend will be the advancement of autonomous agents.  We are already seeing this with automated investing by companies like Betterment which signifies a shift towards entrusting AI with more intricate and consequential tasks. In the more distant future, these tasks will get more complex; we’re talking about sophisticated systems capable of complex assignments like “go buy me a car” which will be executed automatically if given the authority.

Conversational AI is also set to undergo a transformation. We’ll witness an increase in interactions where chatbots communicate with each other, leveraging a network of specialized knowledge. This will greatly enhance the accessibility and breadth of information available through conversational interfaces. Imagine a scenario where one chatbot, recognizing its limitations, seamlessly connects to another with expertise in a specific area, thereby providing a richer, more informed response to the user.

Lastly, the demand for trusted data sources will intensify. This push is crucial for brands aiming to be the authoritative voice on their products and services and for end-users who seek reliable, verified information from their AI interactions. This trend highlights the growing importance of credibility and accuracy in the age of information overload.

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Dan’s Insights:

Dan Flores, Head of Tourism of Satisfi Labs

As we navigate through 2024, the impact of AI on travel will be undeniable. Transitioning from a luxury to a necessity, AI will mark a line in the sand between innovators and those playing catch-up. Post-COVID, the transformation in traveler behavior has been clear – they demand services that are tailored to their individual needs. Consider the shift in the Baby Boomer generation’s travel patterns: the one-size-fits-all package deals of the past no longer suffice. They’re looking for personalized travel experiences that reflect their unique tastes and preferences.

Conversational marketing stands at the heart of this evolution, offering a solution that blends 24/7 accessibility with the kind of personalized attention once reserved for face-to-face interactions. The integration of AI is becoming a strategic necessity; it’s about enhancing the journey from planning to arrival, ensuring a custom experience that caters to the digitally-driven customer.

As the year progresses, a clear split will be seen between companies that have adopted AI and those that haven’t. For the travel industry, AI will be more than a competitive tool – it’s the gateway to a future that marries the best of technology with the human touch, delivering not just a trip, but an experience.

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